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AWISE Solar Projects – Empowering the Community

Devastatingly, one woman a week and one man a month is killed by a current or former partner. Women’s community shelters in Sydney are turning away 60% of women who seek shelter as they are full and have limited resources.

The Bayside Women’s Shelter operates a safe and secure space for domestic and family violence survivors in South-East Sydney. It is a practical service, providing accommodation, food and safe refuge, as well as emotional support to help women rebuild their lives.

The shelter provides a supportive environment for all women of any age, sexuality, cultural and linguistic diversity, disability, or mental illness. They accept women on a case-by-case basis. They allocate beds to women with or without children, who are homeless as a result of domestic and family violence first, while also offering support and shelter to other homeless women whenever possible.

How could AWISE make a difference?

We were able to help one of their shelters who was experiencing a $1,600.00 quarterly bill by installing a Solar and Battery system at no cost.

AWISE Solar System consisted of:

13.8kW PV + 10kWh battery

· REC Solar Panels

· Fronius Symo Gen24 10.0

· BYD B-Box Battery

· Clenergy racking and rails.

Kindly donated by the sponsors of the project

· STC’s traded by Greenbank.

Donated Installation by Lily Pejkic and Dani Perisic of Sydney Solar and Batteries

The Shelter is now 100% self-sufficient and is able to use the money saved to provide other critical services like counselling and food, books for children etc.

This was a great project to work on and we look forward to assisting a worthy cause in each state in Australia.

If you would like to be involved in the next AWISE Solar Project, please fill in the contact us form:

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