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“Why Mental Health Matters!”

Updated: Nov 3, 2021


AWISE and Solar Cutters in collaboration with the Smart Energy Council and the Clean Energy Council present “Why Mental Health Matters!” It’s designed for EVERYONE, so please share throughout your workplace. Hear from Jeremy Forbes, Hope Assistance Local Tradies Founder, to have a chat about mental health - from one tradie to another. Jeremy Forbes is a trade qualified Painter and Decorator and the co-founder of the charity HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies). HALT is a grassroots community based charity that aims to educate, reduce stigma, raise awareness and give people the tools to recognise the signs, have the tough conversation and access support services for themselves or people they know are struggling.

If you want to check out more about HALT you can do so here

We will also announce the winner of the Solar Training Centre grid connect scholarship. Stay tuned for our 2nd webinar too, which will be a panel of people from our industry.

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