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AWISE - January 2021 Update

Women in Solar It is so great to see so many women joining our industry in an vast array of roles. Why are they joining? Good question, is it because they see such a bright and alluring future in our industry? Is it because of growing opportunities? Is it because they are passionate about doing better for our planet? The answers I would imagine are as wide and varied as we are ourselves. There are huge opportunities within our industry to grow professionally, and to take on leadership roles. Because of this there is great scope to gain exceptional personal skills in leadership, strategic planning and innovation just to name a few. Women are taking on roles on industry boards, committees, as partners in companies, on site in the sales and installing roles. We are everywhere. But we have an area that we really need to work on, and that is in the installer and apprentice area. We are fielding many enquiries from companies across the country about how to hire female installers and apprentices. This is exceptional news, but a topic that we really need to dig into and find ways in which we can attract more young women into apprenticeships. Why? Because they are just so good at it! The women we have in the industry have dispelled the age old “but how can they carry a panel?”. Their work ethic, attention to detail and ability to learn and adapt quickly is putting them at the front of the game and in hot demand.

And there are many young women out there wanting to join our industry. We just need to create the conduit to allow this to happen, and AWISE may just be that …… So next time you’re considering an apprentice ask around. Find a sparky that has had a female apprentice and ask them how they went. Ask how they found them – was it through an agency, job ad or word of mouth. And be bold, be brave and take the leap. It might just be the best thing you do.

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